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Y Celeb Calls Bobby East “Kapuba “

One of Zambia’s top notch music artist – Y Celeb threw shade at XYZ Entertainments C.E.O – Bobby East, who also happens to be signed under Kalandanya Music Promotions. During an interview  on ZMB Talks titled “A day in the life of Y Celeb” which was hosted by Edna, Y Celeb says he called Bobby East to feature in his song “Input” which already had his Four (4) verses and those of Ray D who is also known as Mr. R. But Three (3) days before the shoot of the official music video, Bobby East never showed up.

Super Mulolo says, Bobby East edited the song by removing the verses of Y Celeb and Ray D, and infusing his own verse and those from Slap D and Nez Long. When asked why he never claimed it, Y Celeb said he was not in Lusaka at the time of the song’s release, but was in the Copperbelt. By the time he returned back to the Capital City, he found the song had already been promoted, including the music video. He said it became a shock to him but he just kept silent. He said the only artist who grasped the concept was Nez Long compared to the rest. He further opens up that his song “Gangster Exeh” was a direct shot at Bobby East. You can stream the interview below!!!


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