VIDEO : Joyner Lucas – Revenge


VIDEO : Joyner Lucas – Revenge

Lucas co-directed the clip with Ben Proulx, and the video opens with a jarring scene in which Lucas spits the furious bars of “Revenge Intro” while standing outside a pharmaceutical facility with a bomb strapped to his chest and a SWAT team bearing down on him. The timer on the bomb hits zero as “Revenge Intro” ends and the clip jumps to find Lucas waking up for the day as “ADHD” begins.

The “ADHD” portion of the video uses the magic of green screen to show Lucas in an array of scenes, where the quotidian aspects of daily life — going to school, eating dinner, going grocery shopping — are marred by the constant pressure to quell his ADHD with pills. The only respite Lucas seems to get is when he takes the stage to perform live near the end of the video, although in the final moment of the clip, he does reluctantly take his medication before going to sleep.



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