Fans React To EDNA’s Attitude During An Interview With Chile One MrZambia


Fans Not Happy With EDNA For Looking Down On Chile One Years Ago

The Fwebaku Chaume hit Marker – Chile One Mr Zambia was hosted by EDNA The People’s Bae on The ZMB Talks show with an Intention to market himself to the people of Lusaka.

Chile One who has a song with Zambian Most Celebrated rapper, Singer & Founder of Alpha Entertainment – Macky 2 got a negative energy in return from Edna.
She Said, it’s too much of Uprising artist to always think what will work for them to break through in the industry is when they do a song with Macky 2, She continued to say Upcoming Artist need to work hard on their own before they do any features with established artists.

Though, Chile One responded it wasn’t his will to do a song with Macky 2, it was actually Mr Singoyi’s suggestion for he loves Macky 2’s Song and mine.
In A Nutshell, When you stream this Interview you will understand that her Approach to her reasoning was not professional. Stream it Below.