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Elisha Long Leaves New Age entertainment

Elisha Long Leaves New Age entertainment

New Age Entertainment has of late been making headlines after some artists started leaving the label as their contracts could not be renewed. New Age originated in 2021 after Dj H Mac, Koby, Jorzi, Brawen, Elisha Long, Dj Rhys etc, had left the XYZ Entertainments label and formulated their own which is New Age Entertainment, but within about a year of existence, Jorzi was the first to leave the label and then a few days later, H Mac’s cousin, Dj Rhys also left the label. A few minutes ago, the New Age Entertainment management team posted on their Facebook page about the exiting of Elisha Long from the label.

This has brought alot of debate among music fans as to why these artists are leaving the label. Read the statement below!!!


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