Bombshell Accused Of Sleeping With Nexus Boss


Bombshell Accused Of Sleeping With Nexus Boss

There is drum on Facebook and Bombshell has been dragged in it, She is being accused of sleeping with some “Boss” from Nexus entertainment a record label she is signed to by a lady only know as Clara Mutale.

It all started when a picture of Mfumu Kadzi was posted on the Nexus Entertainment official page on Facebook and the comments from Clara Mutale raised eyebrows..

Clara Mutale who apparently is the baby mama to the same Boss from nexus could not hold back as she later went to here account to talk about what she allegedly knows that happens behind closed doors between bosses and female artists in the Zambian Music Industry..

See Screenshots below

Well, the Bombshell gang couldn’t just watch their queen and Friend being dragged in the dirt, they had to respond

The mfumu Kadzi was recently seen flaunting her new engagement ring, is it from the same man? Could the be the one that has infuriated this anger in Clara Mutale, the baby mama to the Boss?

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