Yo Maps joins PF campaign singers

SINGER Yo Maps has joined the ruling party musical group to compose a winning song for the 2021 general election.

The Patriotic Front (PF) chief vocalist Jordan Katembula aka JK has made the revelation.

In disputing rumors that he had defected to the opposition UPND, JK said he was still an active member of the ruling party and was infact working on a potential victory song and has been quoted by Zambian Reports and several other ruling party media platforms.

“Currently, I, Yo Maps, Kayombo, Rich Buzzy and many more underground to get the campaign song for the PF,” JK has been quoted as saying.

Further, JK is quoted as saying back in 2014 he alongside Hamooba did a song for the opposition UPND at the cost of $10,000 but decided never to release it after the party refused to pay for it.

“Let me tell the public that whoever has given the song to the public via the website has not contacted me, maybe my friend Hamoba can explain,” stated JK.

“Finally, to my fellow PF guys I apologize for everything you have heard around the streets and get to know that; Again and again!”

Source: Kalemba