Kopala Swag Boss Macky 2 Wrote

Today I Came Across This “DOPE BOYS” Song About The Ritual Killings That Are On Going Around The Country.. I Don’t Approve The Language Used.. I Dont Even Think I Agree With Some Of The Sentiments Expressed In The Song.. Taking The Law In Ur Hands May Seem Effective But.. We Can’t Correct Things By Doing The Exact Thing We Are Condemning.. 2 Wrongs Don’t Make A Right.

What Really Stood Out The Most For Me Is That 2 Young Artists Are Willing To Use Their Voices And Influence To Speak Out Against What’s Happening In Our Country.

I Always Try And Get Adequate Information Before I Speak Out About Anything But This Is Getting Out Of Hand.

We All Have A Responsibility To Safe Guard Our Nation And Its Reputation.
It’s Time To Speak Out Against This.
Be A Brother’s Keeper.

You Can Check Out The Dope Boys Song Below & Leave Your Views too