I will not apologize for singing for PF in the campaigns Says ” King Dandy “

I am not going to apologize for singing for PF in the campaigns Says King Dandy

After facing a heavy social media backlash, Dandy Crazy vows not to apologies to the Zambian people for singing in the campaigns


I would love to take this opportunity to thank you all the Zambians especially the youths who voted for PF AND UPND in large numbers at all polling stations. On the other hand, would love to express my views to some unmatured people who want to take things so personal in their handsel have gone through a number of comments coming from all sectors just after inauguration at heroes stadium. Zambia is a democratic nation and everyone is free to vote for any candidate of their choice.

I want to condemn strongly other musicians who are so low in thinking that they are now above everything. Hell no! Work hard and we are in competition on stage and studio by making hits. I am not going to apologize for singing in the campaigns unlike others.

It’s my conscious which has my thought that I’m a free Zambian and Zambia is for everyone. One Zambia! One nation. Congratulation to the President Elect Hikainde Hichilema the president for all Zambians.

And want to thank you and wish you well my President Dr Edger Changwa Lungu for the time you presided over mother Zambia with all the development we have seen in seven years for your tenure in office. You run your race n you had your weakness and strength like any human beings. From this we have learn a lesson that never be surrounded by wrong people and they made you look a bad President. We wish you well sir